We provide packing, unpacking and crating services.
What is Packing?

Packing is the use of a carton for safe transport.  Our customers can choose to pack articles on their own, or we can do this service for them at an additional charge.

Although self-packing is the most economical choice, some articles may be best left handled by the professionals.  It's also important to note that items packed by our company are also insured.

What needs to be packed?
Mirrors, Glass Tops, Granite Tops, Marble, Slate, Paintings, Pictures, Wall Art.
Lamps, Lampshades, Small & Loose Articles, Dishware, China, Cooking Utensils.
Files, "Junk Drawers", Stationary, Hanging Clothing.
Flat Screen Televisions, Small Appliances & Electronics, Grandfather & Grandmother Clocks, Pendulums & Hardware.

If you're moving long distance, extremely fragile or large works of art may need to be custom crated. 
Discuss this with our estimator during your consultation.


File Cartons
Book - Standard small sturdy carton ideal for packing books and files.
           16 x 13 x 13                        $1.50
Tote – standard size with easy to grab handles
          24 x 12 x 12                          $2.50
Tote – legal size with the easy to grab handles         
          22.5 x 15 x 12                        $2.75
Standard Cartons
Medium - Just the right container for pots pans, kitchen utensils, linens, supplies and accessories.
            18 x 18 x 16                         $2.50
Large - Perfect for packing fragile bulky items like lamps, lampshades, magazine racks, photo frames, and computers.
            17.75 x 18 x 23.5                   $3.00
Ex – large - Used for linens and comforters
            20 x 23 x 20                          $4.50
Wardrobes - Easiest way to transport your clothing wrinkle free.  The carton comes with a metal bar to hang clothing.
            20 x 24 x 45                          $12.00
Fragile Cartons
Dish Carton – Extra strength cartons for packing your dishes, china and crystal.
            18 x 18 x 27                            $5.50
Dish Carton – Inserts                            $3.50
Mirror Carton – 4 piece adjustable to various sizes, utilized for packing glass tops, mirrors, paintings, and marble tops.
            40 x 2 x 60                              $6.00
Lamp Carton – designed for packing floor and pole lamps, blue prints, maps.
            12 x 12 x 40                            $6.00

Clock Box – Used to pack Grandfather & Grandmother clocks.

Mattress Cartons
Single Carton                                       $6.00
Full Carton                                           $8.00
Queen Carton                                       $9.00
King Carton                                          $10.00
Additional Supplies - Please call for pricing.           
25 lb bundle un-printed paper            
Paper Tape                                         
Poly Tape                                           
Tape Gun                                           

Furniture Bags
Single Mattress                                  
Full Mattress                                       
Queen  Mattress                                  
King Mattress                                      
Local and Long distance moving and storage services.  Also antique & piano moving